air duct cleaning Addison IL

Residential Vent Cleaning in Addison

As a homeowner, there are some projects you can do yourself, and others that require a professional. There are reasons to get ducts cleaned by someone who has experience with this on a regular basis.

Healthy Air Quality In Your Home

You may know pollution is harmful, but you may not know there can be air pollution inside your house. As you want your family to breathe clean, fresh air, a simple approach is to have the vents of your air conditioning, and heating system cleaned. Instead of pollutants circulating throughout your home, the air will be healthy for everyone in your family.

Better Circulation

When there is dust, dirt, and other residues in your central system, the air will not circulate properly. This problem can be corrected once you service your HVAC. Not only will the airflow improve, but it will also improve the overall performance of your HVAC system.

Save Energy And Save Money

When your ventilation system is well maintained, your HVAC system can reduce energy consumption by 25% and 40%. In turn, this will reduce your energy bills.

technician cleaning an air duct in an Addison house

Home Safety

When house is filled with dust, it can be a fire hazard. Between heat and energy sparks, flammable dust can ignite. Dust can circulate when the ducts are not cleaned properly. This can increase the health and safety hazards in your home. You can significantly reduce the risk of fire in your house by having routine checkups of your HVAC.

This is Not a DIY Job! The average homeowner lacks the skills, expertise, and equipment to execute this job correctly. Not only do you have a risk of injury or accident, but you may not do the project correctly. There are some important reasons you should not try to do this job yourself. Please leave it to the professionals!

The frequency of having this service depends on your circumstances. Every two or three years is only a general rule of thumb. Some factors make more frequent check-ups a sensible choice. If you have a high-traffic home, children, pets, family members with allergies or other health conditions, or an old HVAC system, you may want to schedule cleanings more often.

You may see or suspect mold, notice bugs or rodents, see a residue of debris, or notice dust coming out of the vents. If any of these incidents occur, you should not hesitate in scheduling an appointment.

If you feel like your indoor air quality is not up to par, the simplest approach is to call and discuss it with us. This is especially important if you have never carried out with this service before.

There are too many health and safety hazards connected to dirty vents. You may also be spending more than necessary on your home energy bills. Your HVAC system may be in danger, as well as your house and your family. All of these concerns can be eliminated by scheduling an appointment. It is one of the wisest investments you can make, and it only takes a minute to call.